Saturday, January 17, 2015

Two related thoughts on an idle Saturday afternoon

One of the problems of being a lesbian shopping for clothing is that I have to keep asking myself, "Do I like this dress because the color and cut would look good on me, or do I like it just because the model looks really cute wearing it and I find myself sexually attracted to her?"

I'm curious if gay men have the same problem.

Apparently there's this pop song being played in a Diet Coke commercial, and it has the lyrics
You're so cute I wanna wear you like a suit
I think you'd look pretty good on me

I have two questions about this.
  1. Am I the only one who hears this in the context of "I want to wear your skin"? It really sounds less like "I want to be inside your body for sexy fun times" and more like "I want your flesh as clothing".
  2. When did the body-swap fetish become mainstream enough that it was okay to reference it in a Diet Coke commercial during prime time?

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