Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday, Pony Sunday: Superbowl Ponies

So I came home tonight after my annual "Let's go watch a movie while everyone else is watching football" celebration to find that someone had posted "Well, we finally made it" to my Lederhosen wall, along with this video. If you don't feel like sitting through all of it, just fast-forward to the 35 second mark.

Super Bowl 2015 MLP Commercial by GradeAStuff

Yep, that's right: My Little Pony got a two-second segment during a freaking Superbowl commercial!

I'm actually a bit surprised they're ALL Colts fans.
Applejack strikes me as a Broncos kinda gal. 

What's more, that isn't a clip from the show.  It was specifically commissioned by the NFL for this commercial!  We have made it, indeed!

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