Monday, May 18, 2015

Petty Gods: No Longer Vaporware

Petty Gods Revised & Expanded Edition is a 396-page extravaganza of Old School goodness.
Expanded Petty Gods Compendium provides Old School referees with a slew of new, weird minor deities and godlings, for use in rounding out their campaigns. This book includes information for 327 petty gods, 116 minions, knights & servitors, 12 cults, dozens of divine items & new spells, plus a host of other petty-god-related gaming material!
I'm proud to say that I've left grubby fingerprints in this book. Not only does it contain Rasoob, the once-great God of Bronze (since eclipsed by gods of iron and steel), it also has within its august pages the magnificent countenance of Manidono, the Slacker God.

All of this can be had for the princely sum of FREE if you get the PDF from RPGNow. Alternately, you can get it in softcover for $13.22 or hardcover for $22.47.  (The prices are weird because all this is at cost -- no one is getting paid for this as it's our gift to the gaming community.)

Thanks and gratitude go to Greg Gorgonmilk and Richard LeBlanc, without whom none of this would have happened. They rescued the Petty Gods manuscript from limbo and turned it into a magnificent magnum opus of D&D geekery. 

And I'm the person who contributed the deific equivalent of a Flumph to the mix. 

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