Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Traveller Tuesday: My Little Tyafelm

About this time last month, a fellow on the Traveller Facebook group talked about turning characters from The Wizard of Oz into Traveller PCs. This, naturally, got me to thinking about statting up one of my favorite shows...
My use of Traveller setting and dress falls under
fair use guidelines for both Mongoose and Far Future Enterprises.
My Little Droynie
My Little Droynie
Ah ah ah ah....
My Little Droynie
I used to wonder what tyafelm could be
My Little Droynie
Until you shared iskyar with me

Twilight Sparkle
Leader caste. Smartest and with the strongest magical psi powers of them all, Twilight is the natural leader of the group. (Princess Celestia, her mentor, easily fits the mold of Yaskoydray, and Spike makes an obvious un-casted chirper.)

Sport caste. She is clearly the most diplomatic of all the ponies, and is most likely to go off for solo adventures.

Pinkie Pie
Drone caste. Pinkie is all about community -- she knows the names and birthdays of everypony within ponyville, knows what everypony likes/loves/needs, and throws coming of age parties. Clearly she'd run casting ceremonies for young Droyne.

Technician caste. A bit of a stretch, this one, but Flutters is well-versed in biology, ecology, and veterinary medicine, and technicians are the ones most schooled in the hard sciences.

Rainbow Dash
Warrior caste. 'Nuff said.

Worker caste. She doesn't just value honesty and hard work, she THRIVES on it, and will work to exhaustion to help others.

Turn their various magical powers into psi talents (Rarity and Twilight have Telekinesis, Twilight has Teleportation, Fluttershy has high levels of Telepathy for use on animals, Dashie and AJ have Awareness to boost their physical stats, and only Yaskoydray knows what Pinkie has that allows her to break the 4th wall like that) and it actually works rather well to be honest...

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