Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Warning: Low Posting Ahead

Thursday (May 14) my mother goes in for knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. This isn't a very big deal, but she is 75 and slow to heal. Naturally this means I will be taking more of her duties while she recovers, which will be a MINIMUM of a week.

I'm not worried about the surgery, but prayers for a speedy and complete recovery will be most welcome!

While I will likely be able to continue my duties as Editrix/Chief Writer Flogger for Blue Collar Prepping, I will probably not have much time for doing my own writing. (That's why I didn't post anything yesterday and won't have a Traveller Tuesday today -- I'm doing my best to finish current projects before she goes under the knife.)

So don't be worried if I'm suddenly less chatty for a while! Just spare me a thought and maybe send me something silly.

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