Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More Gunnie Cosplay

As threatened promised, here are pictures of me in my Halloween costume taken by professional photographer Oleg Volk.

This is me trying for a glamour pose. I'm aware I didn't quite make it work. But hey, you can see all of the costume!

My AR-15, Señor Francisco Stein. You'll note I've chosen an FDE Magpul motif for him.
Trying for a flirty, sassy, hand on hip and look over the shoulder pose. It didn't quite work, but it's closer than the sitting pose.

I'll never be a bombshell, but I *might* be a zaftig sassy best friend of one if I try hard.

The dreaded Pussy Hunter stalks her prey!

This one is Oleg's favorite. I think it might be mine, too. 

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