Monday, November 9, 2015

Swatting a Flea with a Nuke

This needs a bit of explaining, because the conversation in question has been deleted and I only recovered what I did because I had it open in another window... so if you're wondering why I seem to be talking to someone who isn't there, or why certain replies aren't open, the answers are "He deleted his comments and went home" and "The thread was killed so I couldn't expand them."

So, I have this friend called Taryn, who is a bubbly gal that doesn't really know much about guns (which is fine), but because she lives in a hunting state she frequently sees them. Since I am "that friend" who is into guns and who likes explaining what I know to people who are curious, she frequently asks me questions about guns or ammunition or whatever.

Last month, Taryn happened upon a picture of RIP rounds and tagged me in the post... but before I could reply, other people got there first... and those people were full of derp. The first one, Don, was simply wrong. I don't know why he claimed they were AP rounds, but he didn't say a whole lot afterwards, and he had the maturity to own his words, which is good.

The second guy, Robert, was SO full of derp that I actually thought he was trolling us with brilliant satire, saying things like "they hit harder than a .457 magnum" and "they will saw through anything they hit, skin or bone or armor" and my personal favorite, "I'm aussie, never held a real gun much less fired one but these are 10 times worse than hollow points."

And then, when other gun owners chimed he, he doubled down and said something which indicated that, no, he wasn't trolling, he was being completely serious. And that's when I had to slap him.

If he'd just said "Oh, I see" and admitted his ignorance it would have been fine, but he was willfully ignorant, which is something I will not abide. So I slapped him with a detailed, annotated essay on how he was mistaken, and therefore why he needed to STFU, because I had become irritated past the point of "Is this really worth the time and effort?"  Because, you see, when I feel rage building in my spleen there's really nothing left to do but vent it.

How effective was I? Well, about a third of the way through he decided to delete everything he'd said and block me. When this was pointed out to me I said "I'm annoyed and I'm on a roll. I'm not stopping until I'm done and achieve relief for my spleen."

I should like to point out that in my... vigor... to reply I might have gotten some details wrong (such as when I use the general force equation when I should have used the muzzle energy formula.). Hopefully you will ascribe this to either my enthusiasm or the fact that someone so ignorant wouldn't have benefited from finer details anyway.

Regardless, if I made a serious error in my logic, please let me know. I hate making mistakes and I try to fix them immediately.

The image here is likely too small to be able to read, so this is a link to the Google Doc where I stored it. Downloading the image ought to render it readable.

That said... enjoy.

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