Sunday, November 1, 2015

Doctor Who: Let Zygons be Zygons

Yeeaah, I went for the easy pun..

I really have nothing to say about this episode that can't be copied and pasted nearly word for word from the first episode of this series review. The pacing is odd and the scenes, while interesting on their own, don't gel particularly well. I'm going to hold off passing judgement this week until I see part 2.

I *will* go ahead and say that Clara's evil-face is amazing. Like bunk-time amazing.
Oh please, don't let this be the last appearance of Evil Clara.
I will say, however, this is one of the most beautiful moments in Doctor Who history, brought by a character that's a loving tribute to the show's fandom. 
I don't answer that question. Because there is no question to answer. I don't accept it. My sister and I are the living embodiment of the peace we made, and I will give all the lives that I have to protect it. You want to know who I am, Doctor? I am the peace. I am human *and* Zygon...a hybrid, if you like. 
If this two-parter plays out like the first one did, the second episode will bring together all the loose ends and tie them into a solid story. So far, each two-parter has had a stronger ending than beginning, so I've got my fingers crossed for this one, too.

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