Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Traveller Tuesday: I Helped Make This

So this is the thing that has been consuming a lot of my time lately:
Alespron is subsector G of Foreven sector. It's got a lot going on, and my stink is all over this (I wrote a third of it):
  • A fallen Monarchy in civil war.
  • An invasion by the Zhodani Consulate to "restore order".
  • Opportunities for ship captains to make money legitimately (bringing relief supplies in and transporting refugees out) or less so (gun running, conflict gems, double-dealing).
  • Plus a curious little Droyne world that isn't what you'd expect.
I'll post the link to this when it's available for publishing. It if sells well, maybe I'll get a larger writing gig -- I'd love to get my paws on Urnian (subsector P). Until then, haunt the Jon Brazer Enterprises blog for more information. 

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