Monday, August 29, 2016

What Has Erin Been Up To Lately?

Sorry, all, I spent nearly all of Monday and a good chunk of Tuesday getting Blue Collar Prepping's Teespring store up and running. And then I thought to myself, "Self, wouldn't it be a good idea to also have a store for yourself so people could buy t-shirts and the like branded with your own pony likeness?"

I thought that was a swell idea. And so, the GunBlog PonyCast store is now open for business! You can purchase tees, tanks, hoodies, sweats, mugs, tote bags and stickers, all bearing my delightful ponysona. The funds will go towards helping pay for me to attend various conventions, such as the Gun Right Policy Conference in Tampa in September and the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta next year.

Also, it's really going to cheese off Sean Sorrentino to see his podcast referred to as a PonyCast. ;)

Speaking of ponies, given both the popularity of "Force Sean to wear a pony to the Gun Rights Policy Conference" and my Blazing Sword initiative (which has successfully filed as a nonprofit in Florida and is now waiting for 501c3 status from FedGov), I've decided that my ponysona needed a rifle in her portrait.

Now I've always envisioned Powder Flash as being a gunpony; both her name and cutie mark involve combustible powder, and I've said from the start that she has a black powder rifle in her cottage in Ponyville, but I never thought to add one until recently.

Given how I seem to be at the forefront of helping LGBTQ people learning to shoot, and I have such an affection for MLP, it seems now is the time for my ponysona to arm herself.

Here's a picture I sent to the artist for reference:

So these are some rough drafts from the same artist who drew her. I'm basing the design off a Kentucky rifle (partly because of her sorta-kinda-coonskin cap and partly because Kentucky rifles are awesome), only with a bar trigger instead of a finger hook. (Because ponies don't have fingers, duh.)

So far, I really love the powder horn and the filigree (filly-gree?) on the rifle. The bar trigger looks good to me, but I'm not 100% certain on it and I'd like some feedback. As for the flintlock mechanism itself... I think the flintcock itself looks fine, but there's something funky about the frizzen that I can't quite explain. Feedback and advice are welcome and encouraged!

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