Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Your Good Deed of the Season

I received this via Facebook message, and you know how much of a sucker I am for helping good people:
Erin I have a favor to ask of you, a small one.

I have a friend who lives in SC, she's a retired Marine Drill Instructor, currently a full time firearms instructor for Palmetto State Armory. Does metric tons of volunteer work with DC project, SC carry, GA carry, etc.

She was out of town working when Hurricane Matthew hit. Her house was flooded and she lost damn near everything she owned. No flood insurance because she didn't live in a "flood zone".

She lost most of her clothes, personal possessions, even her service uniforms were all ruined, appliances, every piece of furniture, all the flooring, trim, doors, and even the drywall had to come off from the floor up 4 ft.

In order to help raise funds for her GoFundMe campaign I have gone through friends and we're putting together a sweet custom AR-15 package that is being raffled. I'll include the link to the FB page with all the info on it.

Would you please help me get the word out and direct people to the page so we can start getting donations in for her? Each raffle entry is $25.
So not only do you get to do a good deed by helping someone who was a victim of a natural disaster AND who is gun owner, but you also get a chance to win a cool gun while so doing!

What kind of cool gun, you ask?
  • Spike's Tactical forged Mil Spec receiver set
  • 16" Mid length gas barrel from Palmetto State Armory
  • Primary Weapons Systems Muzzle Brake
  • 15" Free Float Handguard
  • Low Profile Gas Block
  • Mil Spec Bolt Carrier Group
  • CMC 3.5# Single Stage Trigger
  • Seekins Precision Magazine release, Ambi Safety Selector, and Bolt Catch 
  • Magpul Carbine Stock and Pistol Grip
  • Warne SKEL Scope Mount
  • Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x Scope
  • Custom Cerakote by Vigilante Arms of South Jordan UT


  1. Go to Amy's GoFundMe page and make a donation. Each $25 donated will be one raffle ticket. Donate more to get more entries.
  2. Forward your receipt from GoFundMe to this email address. You will receive a confirmation email from the prize coordinator.
  3. Watch this page for updates and the announcement of when the drawing will take place.
I asked the person who sent me this when the drawing would be, and he responded "No exact date as it depends on people's travel schedules. Between Christmas and New Years though."  So that gives you a solid month and a half to donate to this raffle, help make a Marine's Christmas come true, and maybe even pick up a nice big of swag for yourself!

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