Sunday, July 31, 2022

Killin' It on Twitter

Last week I was informed that "Whoever is running the twitter page is killin it, pun not intended". Well, that person was me. While I usually let my friendly Social Media Mammal handle those sorts of things, in the aftermath of hero Eli Dicken stopping the murderer at Greenwood Park Mall I felt it necessary to take the reins for a bit in order to make some good points -- and, of course, get in some shots at Shannon Watts, who posted this tweet... and then deleted it, likely on the advice of her lawyers. 

The deleted tweet.


I don't know why she thought deleting it would do any good. The internet is forever, after all. 

She could have issued a retraction and apologized, of course, but that would be admitting she was wrong, and she won't do that. So now she and/or Moms Demand Action will likely be sued by Eli Dicken's lawyer, Guy Relford, for defamation.

Anyway, I went on a bit of a tear after that.  

If you'd like a Thread Reader version of this conversation, I have you covered.

I finished up with this. Not only is it 100% true, but it's a great thing to throw in the faces of those who say "You only carry a gun because you want to be able to legally murder people."

So that was me on Twitter earlier in the month. I had fun, made some good points and got in some good shots. 

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