Wednesday, July 27, 2022

My Interview with The Independent

Arrgh! I have been struggling with multiple Impossible Tasks for Eris-knows-how-long and I'm sick of it, so instead of worrying about doing it properly I'm just going to crap out this blog post so that it's DONE and I can cross if off my list and I won't feel guilty/lazy/incompetent anymore for not doing it. 

So yeah, back in June I was approached by Io Dodds of The Independent, a UK-based magazine, who wanted to write an article about the growth of gun ownership among queer people for Pride Month. 

We had a long, in-depth interview that went very well. What's more, unlike a lot of interviews I'd had where I'm lucky to have two sentences attributed to me, this article quotes me for paragraphs

Also, look at that title. How can you not love that title?

I encourage you all to read the whole thing

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