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Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Has A Flavor

So yesterday, one of my Internet Stalker Boyfriends (hi Nathan! *waves*) IM'd me and asked simply, "Flavor?"

Naturally, I replied with "Gothberry."

I had intended to photoshop a picture of a goth girl licking her finger/hand/arm and making a parody of the "I has a flavor" lolcat, but.... well, you put those words into Google and see what YOU come up with.

Instead, I give you this:


(image courtesy of oskaline)


Salem MacGourley said...

Brava! Simplistic, yet something I'd never have thought if myself.

SephHexenWR said...

lolcats fail.


May /b/ shine brightly upon ye.

plok said...

Ha! "Juicy? It's practically sulky..."

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