Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Much Ado Aboot Nothing

Well, then.

It would seem that yesterday's post stirred up a bit more controversy than I intended. Indeed, the proverbial hornet's nest was given a good solid thwack.

I'm not going to bother explaining the intent of my post, because if you didn't get it, you'll just think I'm trying to cover my ass. All I have to say is, those of you who were offended by it probably came here looking to be offended.

I'm not going to apologize for it, either. From all the ad hominem attacks I've received, you might think I'd managed to personally insult every single person in Canada and their mothers. It wasn't my intent for you to feel insulted, but I have no control over how you folks choose to feel and react.

I will also say that it's the purpose of a writer to elicit an emotional reaction from her readers. Judging by the volume and intensity of the comments I've gotten, I'd say I've succeeded in that regard.

Speaking of comments, I'm quite enjoying the spirited discussion that is occurring in the comments section. I currently have no plans to intervene in the discussion or close comments. However... insults and personal attacks will no longer be tolerated. The moment this becomes a flamewar, I'm deleting those comments and quite possibly locking the section.

Additionally, anonymous posts are disabled. If you want to leave a comment, you have to put your name to it and own your words, just like I own mine. Registering with Blogger takes all of 30 seconds so I doubt that's an impediment to anyone with a serious desire to let their opinion be known.

And finally, to those people who have informed me that I have lost them as readers: well, I'm certainly sad to see you go, and I hope you change your mind at some point once you've cooled down, but the honest truth of the situation is that over the course of my writing career I'm bound to offend someone, and if you didn't leave over this then odds are very good that you'll leave over something else that I write.

So fare thee well, my Canadian readers. I truly do like you, truly meant no offense, and truly wish you all well, regardless of what you have said to me.


  1. i guess it just takes more to offend me. I salute your writers integrity though.

  2. I'm going to have to agree with liquid here.

    I'm proud of you for sticking to your convictions and writings in the face of the negative comments.

  3. Look out, Erin, they'll send premier Canadian Superteam Alpha Flight after you next.

    Seriously though. I'm not surprised people were offended, but I honestly can't see eye to eye with them on this one. Usually, I try to sympathize with the other point of view, and it's not for lack of experience with Canadians, as I work fairly closely with some, but there really was nothing to get outraged over.

    More posted in the other entry's comments soon.

  4. My pledge to you, oh dear Erin, is to never again allow something so trivial as an illness to keep me from checking your blog daily. It is, after all, why God invented laptops and antibiotics is it not?

    I am coming to this debate oh so very late!

  5. The only thing I was upset about is that instead of saying "there are certain Canadians that won't shut up about....", it was just a flat out personal attack on everyone that lives here.

    I personally don't give a flying fart about American politics and avoid talking about politics and religion like the plague because it just pisses people off. But what was done here is no different then throwing out some stereotype based on ones Culture.

    I honestly do feel bad for anyone who has to sit there and listen to some moron rant about politics to you like you are the person in charge and can change things. But wouldn't telling them you don't want to hear it do just as good if not better than what was done here?

    Food for thought.

  6. I'm in Canada as a I write this, so I'd best dodge the tomatoes, but frankly, I didn't see anything of an attacking nature. No one called anyone a "beaver-headed bastard" or a "back-bacon guzzling sack of pucks." It seemed pretty neutral to me. And yeah, I get tired of it, too (see my post in the original thread). I wish more Canadians would see us as their friends and allies, rather than "those sons of bitches downstairs who make all the racket while we're trying to enjoy our 14 month wait for back surgery"... ;)

  7. Here's one way to look at it, which I think is a great way to deal with most "shut up! - will not!" snitfits on the internet:
    None of this really effects anything.
    Erin telling (us) Canadians to shut up doesn't have any more power to actually *make* us shut up than us bitching about U.S. politics has any power to actually affect said politics, so there's a deal of silliness on both sides in terms of reaction.
    I used to get into a right state of high dudgeon when people would say "shut up about such and such", and while I still believe that noone has a *right* to *make* anyone shut up about pretty much anything, *telling* someone to shut up should hardly have the same power, unless you're cartoonishly oversensitive.
    That said, the same applies to getting all bent out of shape over outsiders criticizing your country's (or company's, or religion's, or fandom's, or family's, etc.) behavior or business.

  8. "None of this really affects anything" dammit!


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