Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lurking Happily

Dear Stan Lee:

For eliminating both Idiot Blonde Girl and Token, the Hebrew Wonder today, you have my gratitude.

I will accept this gesture as an apology for last week's elimination of Mindset.

Sincerely, Palette

Seriously, though, it should not have taken this long. I think the reason they lasted as long as they did is because Mr. Mitzvah is Jewish, just like Stan Lee, and because Ms. Limelight is 19 and therefore had the "She's just a kid" sentiment going for her.

(A brief aside to Tom Foss: You remember when I told you I hated the Wasp because she seemed to exemplify every "dumb girl" stereotype? Ms. Limelight is exactly that same kind of person. The stupid giggle, the nervous playing with the hair... I just want to beat her with the collected works of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley until she shuts up!)

Their exit interviews can be found here.

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