Saturday, August 25, 2007

Project Perseus

Nifty name, huh? I think it has some real zing.

Oh, what's it mean? Well, it's the name I've given to my Super-Secret Writing For Actual Money Project. So instead of saying, "I spent all yesterday doing research for my Super-Secret Writing For Actual Money Project," I can instead say "Yesterday, Project Perseus took one step closer to completion."

Then I can smirk ominously and chortle menacingly like a cheesy Bond villain.

Before I go: the Serenity Ship's Papers go on sale today... just as I predicted.

All is going according to plan.





  1. Well if you're an evil mastermind, are your minions? Do we get ranks?

  2. "Project Arcturus could have never succeeded without you, I hope this gets you one step closer to acheiving your dream..."

  3. All is going to plan..

    ..except that one of your Bothans took a wrong turn and ended up in my back garden. I'm shipping him back to you freight.

  4. I humbly beg for more than a "I worked on money yesterday" post.

  5. It's a good thing you're reading Erin's blog and not mine then, Nathan..

    I'm such a horrible writer. Deadlines are not my friends.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sorry Salem, that thing between your legs bars me from reading your material, which, from what I can see from here, is way too smart for me to comprehend.

    Yes. I managed compliment Salem and insult Erin and myself all at once.

  8. Nathan, I hereby curse you to another 20 years of virginity.

  9. As much as I sincerely love (and at this particular moment, need) compliments, I won't take them at the cost of someone that I respect as much as Erin.

    Cor and Blimey that was close to brown-nosing, wasn't it? Good thing I'm not reliable enough to be a teacher's pet..

  10. Wait, you're giving me my virginity back? Sonofagun.


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