Friday, November 23, 2007

Never, ever eat the Chicken a la King

There's an interesting discussion of "What's in iron rations, anyway?" over at The Twenty-Sided Tale. (Please note that they are discussing fantasy/medieval rations, not the emergency rations of World War I.)

General consensus is that whatever they are, they taste horrid, much like modern-day MREs.

Freak that I am, the MREs I've eaten have actually been pretty tasty (though the dehydrated pork patty needed some substantial "modification"). It might have something to do with the fact that for whatever reason, I don't have much of a taste for salt (you have to POUR it into food for me to detect it -- like fast food french fries -- and if the mashed potatoes are undersalted I'll never know).

But stay away from the Chicken a la King, though. That shit is nasty.

And the less said about Chipped Beef on Toast, the better.


  1. Hey! I actually like S.O.A.S =) Better on biscuit's, but pretty good on toast too =)

  2. They probably won't let you shit for a week like MRE's too.

    Oh and yes MRE's taste good when you first try them, but when they are your breakfast lunch and dinner for thirty days straight (were you notice you can't poo right the whole time) then they start to lose their lustre.


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