Thursday, November 8, 2007

This just in

The pseudonym "Warren Peace" is no longer cool.

It was pretty groovy back in the 70s when Geoffrey A. MacCormack originally rocked the moniker, but even he has gone back to using his real name.

It was even good for a giggle back in 2005's Sky High.

But now? We get it.

It's no longer funny.

It is, in fact, tired and old.

Please let it die.


  1. Just kinda curious what brought on your recent dislike of the name? Have you been hearing or seeing it frequently or something?

    I don't have an feeling for it one way or another. I thought the character in Sky High (which I just watched again a couple days ago)was appropriately named, being a child of both a villain and a hero.

  2. I've been seeing it a LOT lately.

    It's as if everyone thought it would be clever to use as a name that illustrates the basic dichotomy of the human soul or some shit like that.

    Like I sad before, the last time it was even *passably* amusing was in 2005. Now, it's just lame.

  3. How about the psuedonym "Warren Ellis", because no one can write that much awesomeness and be a real person..


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