Thursday, November 29, 2007

House of Palette

Earlier this month, Jeff Stolarcyk (he of Conditional Axe fame) told me that he was renewing his subscription to City of Heroes, and would I mind terribly helping him with some costumes?

I do believe I squealed with delight at the prospect.

To your left is Kensei Robo, in his original costume. Jeff described him as "a robot cowboy who is also a katana master." Looking at the picture, you can kind of grasp what he's going for... but it doesn't really capture the "sword saint" part of the character, now does it?

And those gears. HATE THEM!

So anyway, I worked my elfin magick upon Robo-Sama, trying to heighten and balance the four key elements of his nature: Samurai, Robot, Cowboy, and Completely Absurd.

h, now this is much better, isn't it?

Katana, martial arts gi, and black belt.

Robot: This part pretty much stayed the same, though I changed the colors a bit, deleted those horrible gears, and use different (but still biggie-sized) robot gauntlets.

Cowboy: Blue jeans, cowboy boots, cowboy hat.... and a big ol' stogie clenched between his teeth.

Absurd: It's a robot cowboy samurai, made with complete seriousness. It doesn't look like a half-assed attempt at a joke. The colors balance, symmetry is maintained. Putting this much effort into something that is inherently silly is, to me, the epitome of absurdism.

Samurai Robot Cowboy sez....

"Ah approve of this here costume!"


  1. Awesome!

    I mean, it's no Doc Dynamo, but you can't help with what you were asked to work with.


  2. I don't get your bias against the gears. Personally, I think they're completely awesome and we need more costume pieces like them, perhaps for the belt and as anklets or wristbands.

    Nice job with the new costume though, as usual.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about Doc D, Stumpy!

    Send me some "before" pictures (if you have them) and I'll make you the subject of another fashion post.

  4. Oh man, I'll check, but seriously doubt I have any "before" pics of the good Doc.


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