Friday, August 22, 2008

Goth kitteh sez...

30 inches of water?

Welcome to "sunny" Florida...

I'm all right, and so's the family and all material possessions, but Sweet Buttery Eris that was a lot of rain. 30 inches is two and half feet, peoples. This morning I got to play the very fun game of "Dig a trench in the back yard so the porch doesn't flood."

Fucking wheeeee.

All told, though, I got off lucky. I pity Brevard county to the south, though; the NOAA radio (pronounced "Noah" -- funny, that) has been going off about flash floods down there for the past two days.

And this wasn't even a hurricane. This was just a Tropical Storm. Nothing like a little bit of nature to humble and make me feel insignificant.

Perhaps another visual aid. This picture was taken last year, so it's not from this storm, but it's still indicative of the kind of beach erosion a storm like this can inflict:

That's.... significant.

(Thanks to Maud and Joe Flood, whose pictures I ganked. All rights reserved by the individual artists, etc.)


  1. lol, glad all is well.

  2. Here in Louisiana we're seeing what's left of the tropical storm. It's actually pretty vicious here, so I can only imagine what it was like when it hit you guys.

  3. That's more rain than we get here in 2 years.. Was the rain cold or warm?


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