Friday, August 29, 2008

Pimping some friends

Because I'm too busy doing other stuff to write a "real" post:
  • ITEM! If, like me, you live on the Atlantic or Gulf Coast and are inconvenienced by these stilly little summer things known as "Tropical Storms" and "Hurricanes" -- or even if you're just a big weather buff -- I heartily recommend Stormpulse. This is one incredibly impressive and beautiful site, made more so by the fact that it is run by two guys, not some goverment agency. (Seriously. They have a blog, too.) Stormpulse is my forecaster of choice when determining if I need to start converting cubits to meters for some emergency ark-building.
  • ITEM! I'm terribly late in mentioning this, but former LR contributor Troy Hickman has made a comic called Twilight Guardian for Top Cow. It's part of their Pilot Season, which means that several comic books put out one-shot pilot issues, and then the readers vote for their favorites. You've only got until September 8 to vote, but you can vote here every day if you like. It's currently in the #1 spot, let's keep it that way.
  • ITEM! Finally, Chris A. Bridges -- the blogger and author of "Save Hiatus", not to be confused with Chris Bridges aka Ludacris -- took me out to lunch today (Sesame Chicken, yum!) and gave me a set of the so-rare-I-never-knew-they-existed Serenity dogtags. I have one for Sgt. Malcom Reynolds and one for Cpl. Zoe Alleyne, complete with bead chain and little rubber gasket. (The picture below isn't of mine; I'm not so cool as to have one that's been signed by Nathan Fillion). So in case you're wondering how you could ever possibly come face to face with Miss Erin Palette, now you know: tempt me with high-value geek swag and sweeten it with free food.


  1. Congrats on your swag!

    Re: Stormpulse -- my father is absolutely in love with that site. He has it up constantly now.

    Also, I figure this general post is as good a place as any to mention something I think you'll appreciate: In Magic booster packs these days, we're given 'tokens', which are graphical representations of when we use a card effect to make something (like an Elf token). The backs of these tokens are different than normal cards, and they usually pimp out the latest Wizards products. I just looked at the tokens I pulled out of the latest expansion (released late July), and on the backs of some Gleemax is featured prominently.

    Tee hee!

  2. We were in Nam together, I donated a kidney to you, and named one of my many bastard children after you, and I'm a "former LR contributor"? Oh, the humanity...

    But thanks for the mention! And the full issue of Twilight Guardian #1 can now be read online at if you want to check it out (and for the love of Zod, vote!).

  3. I dig hurricanes and not being in them. As in, I'm in Alabama, in the presence of enemies...

    (I sure do hope HTML hyperlinking works in comments!)


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