Monday, May 24, 2010

10 Things You Can Do to Increase Preparedness

Things you can do now or this summer to help prepare you for any emergency, not just a zombie uprising:

Put fresh batteries in your flashlights and emergency radios. 
Make sure that you have a shelter space in case of a storm.
Make sure that your shelter space has fresh water in it. 

Start building up a one-year food stockpile for $5 a week
Create a Bug-Out Bag (or a Z-Kit, if you prefer).

Take a red Cross CPR or First Aid course.
Take a self-defense course. 
Learn how to change a flat tire and add coolant to an overheating radiator.

Go on a diet and/or get in better shape.
Get a map of your county and learn where all the evacuation routes and emergency shelters are.

Now test yourself: Pretend you have 30 minutes to evacuate. See if  you can pack enough clothes and supplies to sustain yourself for 3 days or more. Are you prepared for harsh weather (rain, cold, excessive heat)? How about your family? How about your pets?


  1. Thanks for the link! Even though it's not exactly a point of pride to stand as an example of what NOT to do in an emergency...

  2. never thought about the time crunch test. Good idea!


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