Friday, May 14, 2010

It never fails

The surest way for circumstances to conspire against me doing something is for me to publicly announce I will do it. This is why, despite my post on Monday, I haven't blogged anything all week.

The reason for this is twofold. One, I have been informed that starting Monday, I have a job inputting Census data from 10pm to 7am for the next four to 16 weeks. This schedule actually works for me because I am a night owl anyway, plus I get an additional +10% for a shift differential. The only drawback to is that I will be sleeping when the rest of the world is awake, and therefore this week has been spent doing the stuff I need to get done during daylight hours, like buying new tires for my car, getting new work clothes, etc.

The second reason is that I've had a burst of creativity regarding Curse/Or, and I've been working on it all week. Expect me to post the fruits of that labor tonight for Fiction Friday.

I want to say that Zombie Week has been postponed until the 17th but I really don't know if I'll be getting any writing done with this new job. I honestly don't know how you bloggers with real jobs and real lives manage to do it (you probably have more self-discipline than me, and watch less crappy TV).

Anyway... more Curse/Or tonight! I hope you enjoy it!


  1. But what are we going to do when the zombies rise?!
    (Answer: I already know I'm toast, the only weapon I have to hand is a 20 year old wooden hockey stick, it will shatter and I will die. I really need to buy a crowbar or something, wait no, the reverb will hurt my arms... Cricket bat?)

    Congrats on the job :-)

  2. I work 11 PM - 7AM everyday and have done it for the past 10 years. It is my preferred schedule. I tend to get things done either in the morning or on Friday after I get out of work. We get an extra $1.25/hr for working this shift. It's also quieter, cooler and has no bosses.


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