Friday, May 6, 2011

Greatest Hits

Some of you have no doubt noticed I am getting my rear in gear and attempting to become organized by making pages for my series: Curse/Or, Pellatarrum, etc.  But seeing as how I've been bloviating (p.s. to Sortelli: I STILL WIN) for over 4 years now, I think it's time to separate the wheat from the chaff for the benefit of new readers and archive browsers --- and believe me, there is a lot of chaff here.

What I plan to do is have a "Greatest Hits" page with links to posts that were popularinfamous, or of which I am very proud. Now I suppose I could just do a search by tag and keyword, but that still ends up with one person (me) deciding what my greatest hits were. And that seems a bit autocratic for what is essentially a popularity contest.

Therefore, I would like to ask of all my readers that they nominate their choices for inclusion into a Greatest Hits page. I would do this by poll, but there are far too many choices to make this feasible, so you'll have to leave your choices via comments below. Given the number of readers who are likely to comment, there will be no voting process: just naming your choices is enough to get them included (assuming of course that the posts you mention are actually worthwhile and not the result of some wiseass nominating a one-sentence post just to see what happens.)

Here are the restrictions:
  • The post must be something of which I wrote the majority; most of my Wednesday Night Wackiness posts are basically just a few lines of introductory text followed by a YouTube video, and I don't feel right taking credit for those.
  • It must contain a substantial thought, not just a few sentences of me whining about my life or saying the word "FUCK" repeatedly.
  • It shouldn't already exist on another page; therefore all Silence Saga, Curse/Or, and Pellatarrum posts are disqualified. 
Everything else? Totally open for nomination.

I look forward to seeing what my readers think is great enough for inclusion!

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