Friday, May 13, 2011

An Open Letter to Blogger

Dear Blogger,

Thank you so much for your 24+ hours of downtime that culminated in the loss of Wednesday's post. I suppose I should be glad that it was only a toss-off Wednesday Night Wackiness post that was eaten and not something more important. However, I am still not convinced that you've stop finished shitting yourself, or that you haven't secretly eaten something else of mine.

I suppose I should thank you for this reminder that I need to make backups of the posts I prize most. Rest assured, I plan to get on that this weekend.

I realize you are a free service and that I get what I pay for, but you need to realize that people who use Blogger are essentially free advertising for the Google Internet Mega-Conglomerate. Piss off enough people with things like this, and they will stop using you, and with that stoppage comes the loss of your tasty, tasty ad revenue.

In short: Cross me again and I will cut you, bitch.

Erin Palette

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