Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pincers (and a call for players)

Still trying to catch up on my blogging, as I've made a promise to myself to try and post something daily, even if it's not what I would consider a "quality" post. The trick to being a writer is to write, as has been said, so the more I write, even if it's toss-off soundbites, the better off I am.

So even though I didn't get much done this weekend other than editing, I went ahead and put up a page for my all-Mantis L5R campaign, which I have named "Pincers" because I am oh-so-clever.*

I am issuing a blogosphere-wide call for players, because one of them has had to drop out of the game for family & financial reasons, and another hasn't spoken to me for something like two weeks. Everything you will need to know about the game and character generation can be found on the handouts there.

Game Details
The game is tentatively scheduled for Sunday afternoons/evenings and will begin as soon as I reach a critical mass of players with already-made characters. Sessions will last approximately four hours and will run every week. The game will be conducted over Skype, with Dabbleboard used for combat and sharing visual aids. If you are interested in playing please contact me: erin dot palette at gmail dot com.

Oh, and a brief warning: Don't assume I will follow the canonical timeline. Every time I have run L5R I have done terrible, horrible things to the timeline.

*No, really. They're caught between the Scorpion clan (has pincers), Crab clan (pincers) and the Crane clan (technically no pincers but work with me here) in what might be called a diplomatic "pincer movement".

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