Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Gunday: Perhaps the Geekiest Thing I Have Ever Done

I am a big ol' geek, as I think you all know. Thus, I have done many, many geeky things in my life. But this is probably the geekiest thing I have ever done:

I almost wish this were an Avtomat Kalashnikova instead of a Mosin-Nagant. Then it could be an AK AK.

"You want to talk wands? This is my wand. 48 inches of Killing Curse. My Avada Kevadra comes chambered in 7.62x54R."


  1. Eh, my Remington Woodmaster's named after a John Lennon song...

  2. Because my name is Izzy, and somehow I have managed by complete happenstance to plan a Mosin-Nagant pretty much exactly like yours, I shall be marking mine with Avada Kadavra MkII.  <3 Kick ass blog, by the way!


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