Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am flattered and befuddled

... and I owe it all to ponies.

I have a habit of rather obsessively going over all referrals and trackbacks to my blog, because I want to know if anyone cool or interesting has noticed me. This is how I became aware that Equestria Daily had linked to me a few weeks back.

Well, today I can add two more notches to my belt. My MLP D&D series has been linked to by TV Tropes, and a nice person by the name of Newbiespud has made a screencap webcomic called Friendship is Dragons. It's just starting up but it looks really good. Take a look, everypony!


  1. Congrats, puddin'! You deserve all the attention.

  2. Alexander KerezmanAugust 4, 2011 at 5:21 PM

    Thanks for the plug! (And all of your hard work, of course.) I'm really liking the one-stop-shop page for the MLP D&D stuff - I imagine I'll have to go back and review those down the road...

  3. My pleasure. I'd been thinking that MLP D&D deserved its own core page for a while now, but never really got off my rear about it until today. I hope it makes reading easier!

  4. Lurking Rhythmically, the nexus of the MLP/DnD crossover movement?


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