Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WNW: Flanks

Two tidbits of pony-related humor.

Pony or Porn Star
You have six minutes and 45 names. Is it the stage name of a porn actress, or the given name of a pony?  This is harder than it looks, because a good chunk of those names could go either way (ba-dump bump!) I scored 41 out of 45, which aptly demonstrates the convergence of my areas of expertise.

PS: Even though Paradise is totally a porn name, it's actually a pony. Now you have 1 point.

Baby Got Flank

Go now, and do likewise.


  1. My brony powers are not strong, I only managed a 30/45... but I also don't really jive on the porn so I don't know any pornstar names.  If it wasn't one of the Mane cast or Princess Celestia or the CMCs I just guessed... mostly wrong as it turned out. Fun though... you need to check out


    I've done the test twice. And I still can't believe that Morning Glory is a pony and not a pornstar.

  3. It helps to know that these are female-only names. 


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