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Friday, August 24, 2012

Straight pimpin'

Busy day for me, so I'll just hit you guys up with a few links to some really awesome deals and then I'll be on my way to filling more sandbags in preparation of Tropical Storm Isaac. As of this moment it doesn't look like it'll hit Florida (though it'll skirt the edges of Tampa -- stay dry, Thag!), but the think about living in the Penis State is that any time a storm gets even remotely close from April to November, we are apt to have a metric buttload (equal to 2.2 Imperial assloads) of water dumped on us.

So, you know, sandbags. To keep the porch from flooding.

Hey, if you're into filling sandbags, you should totally get the EZ Bagger. It's ridiculously cheap at $13 and turns a two-person chore into a one-person much less of a chore. (Let's be honest, nothing is going to make sandbagging fun.)

From work to play:  if any of you are gamers and regularly use miniatures in your RPGs, you owe it to yourself to check out this Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter. For $100 you get 211 minis, or 36 minis for $15. This is an incredible offer, and if it's too rich for you then perhaps you should consider going halfsies with someone, or having your play group each chip in $10-20. Better act soon, the Kickstarter ends on Saturday!

This one is 50% work and 50% play, but 100% cheapskate:  If you want a way to solar charge your phone, iPod, or other low wattage electronic device, I recommend this foldable solar panel assembly from Brunton. Regularly $80, now $30 with free shipping from eBay, and it's compatible with all of Brunton's (much more expensive) battery systems. I ordered this in lieu of the miniatures, as I felt having working electronics during a hurricane-induced power outage was more important.  My eventual plan is to have solar panels hooked up to batteries with enough wattage/amperage to run a laptop computer and a box fan, so that I can stay cool and entertained during the fall of civilization.

And finally... well, I don't normally do this sort of thing, but what the hell: if you like photographs and are looking for a way to print to them out, go visit  They're having a big grand opening thing, and if you use the discount code BLOGLOVE2012 you can get 50% and standard shipping on any photo you'd like turned into a canvas.  This coupon expires on 9/15/2012.

That's it for now, I'm spent.


  1. While that is a great price on the solar panel, will they ever ship it?  BoTach has a horrible history with the gunny community...  

  2. So what do you do with the sand bags after the waters recede?

  3. They have been useful in preventing our dogs from digging in the yard or shoring up holes in the fence. 

  4. A fair point. I've had to cancel more than a few Botach orders because their website said they had something when in reality they were out of stock. 

    However, since I bought this through eBay, I would hope they'd have their act together enough to not screw it up. We shall see. 

  5. Follow-up: It arrived in the mail today. 


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