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Saturday, August 25, 2012


These pictures were sent in by faithful reader Brad with the following caption:

Please take these pictures in the spirit of "hey, cool, Tannerite" from a fellow Mosin owner and not some other nefarious reason.

I have to confess, my immediate reaction was "Aww, why you gotta blow up a cute li'l pony like that." :(

And then I realized that the pony was Pinkie Pie, and that made me think of this:

And thus I concluded that Pinkie would probably be perfectly okay with having her effigy be blown up if that meant everyone was having a fun time

Especially if there was cake afterwards.

Amusingly, this picture was drawn by someone called Dentist.

Thanks, Brad!


  1. This post caused the following conversation between me and my girlfriend:
    Me: So... apparently Pinkie Pie farts rainbows?
    Naienko: No, no, I don't think Pinkie Pie is the one that farts rainbows.
    Me: That looks like a rainbow.
    Naienko: That's a pretty pink looking rainbow.
    Me: but...
    Naienko: Look, there's another character on the that farts freaking rainbows, ok?!

    Thank you for this random and absurd subject.


    Barney does it better ;)


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