Friday, August 3, 2012

Freedom Munitions Update #1

I promised y'all a review of Freedom Munitions once I'd shot some, so just for fun, I loaded up 2 extended magazines and took them to the range this afternoon. One  had 30 rounds of store-bought 9mm Blazer, the other had 30 round of 9mm Blaster from Freedom Munitions. Both were 115 grain FMJ. 

I did not detect any difference in performance or operation between the store-bought ammo and the commercially reloaded ammo. It was indistinguishable to me. 

If anything, it was the magazines which gave me trouble with several Failures To Feed. Ironically, the mag with the store-bought stuff had more FTFs (3) than the one with the reloaded ammo (1), so I'm chalking that up to "Extended magazines sometimes do that" instead of blaming it on the ammo. 

For my next test, I'm going to shoot 100 rounds (or more) of the reloaded Blaster and see if there are any malfunctions that I can attribute to the cartridges themselves. I don't think I'll find any, but 10% of my volume should be a statistically significant sample. 


  1. Blazer is a pretty low bar to surpass for the the factory reloads to compete with...

  2. You could be helpful and suggest which brand I should compare it to...

  3. IIRC Blazer Brass is what you use.   Harder metals like aluminum and steel have some issues due to expansion to fit the chamber (FTF would be from powder blowback)   If you're using blazer brass I'd call it a fair comparison per price point.

  4. Blazer Brass is *exactly* what I used. 

    And as I said, I felt no difference between the two. 

  5. Sometimes the longer extended 30+ round mags malf in shorter pistols like the 26.  I've heard some folk even report that using the Glock 17 round mags in the 26, but I've not had that problem in my 26L with the 17 magazines or the 19 mags, but I'd not tried the longer magazines in my 26L, they're reserved for the 19L.

  6. I'm going to claim ignorance here and ask why a shorter pistol would cause a magazine to feed improperly?

    I'm not being snarky, I honestly don't understand, so if you know the answer please teach me!

  7. They've been going up in price as of late.  When they first started out, their prices were absolutely insane.  $250 for 1K of .223, and i think it was about $160 for 9mm.  I believe (don't quote me on this) their demand far exceeded supply, and that made them raise prices in order to stabilize things.  Still great prices, and I still buy from them a lot.  Where else can you get brass cased .308 for 47 cents a round?


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