Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quote of the Day -- J.L. Grant

So it seems Feinstein is back at her old shenanigans. Although I’m a moderate Liberal, I do view Feinstein as a fucking lich, an over-the-hill demon whose time has come and gone. She’s a horrible thing, a creature that should have been banished from this plane long ago. Oh goody, another AWB. This shows, once again, that Feinstein has no connection to the voting populace. She’s a reactionary idiot who tries to prop up her ancient, diseased political soapbox by reacting to the worst things that are happening right now.

The gun bloggernets are SCREAMING about this, but I say (as usual) sit the fuck down and have a Coke.

- A new AWB will garner NO support politically from any politician who doesn’t want to commit instant career suicide. Guns are popular in the USA right now. As I just explained to a family member, the screaming meemies of the east and west coasts of the USA DO NOT represent the center of it.

- The death of this bill will possibly shove Feinstein back into her crypt, where she will slumber for a thousand years, fitfully, before she rises again.

This is not to say people should sit back. Please DO write your politicians and let them know that the original AWB was stupid, and this bill is stupid. The problem is not “assault weapons” – the problem is mental health care in the USA. The problem is that bad shit will always happen, and you can’t 100% legislate it out of existence.

MOLON LABE, motherfuckers.
Emphasis mine, and may I add how it warms not just the cockles but also the sub-cockles of my heart to hear a self-described liberal say "Molon Labe, motherfuckers."

No, I don't have a tear in my eye. It's... just a bit dusty in here, is all....


  1. When your self described liberal friend starts campaigning for an end to "gun free zones" I might choke up a bit.

  2. Good on him.   And the writing and calling is an important part.   And as I'm finding out,  damn easy.

  3. Mr. Grant's mistake, shared by more than a few others in the 2A community, is that he thinks our Lords and Masters give one thin damn what the people want.

    We thought Obamacare wouldn't pass.  We thought it wouldn't be ruled Constitutional.  We thought Obummer would be slaughtered in the last election.  We thought the police would never obey orders to confiscate guns(Katrina, anyone?).

    Doubling down on the notion that there's any rule of law left in America, is a grave tactical error.  This bill will pass, and we're going to have to consider how we'll respond.

  4. Been against them since I first heard of the concept. I then declared the 7-11 by my house a Losing Lottery Ticket-Free zone, and that didn't work either. 

  5. Heh. Thanks for the post. 

    I noted a couple people here voicing surprise that a Liberal would use Molon Labe (I have it tattooed on my right shoulder). This is the thing: I am a moderate Liberal, and on some issues I even vote damned near socialist. But I do not understand, and have never understood why the goddamn 2A is a partisan issue. It should not be. And I ain't the only one, here in Liberal Land.  

  6. "We thought Obummer would be slaughtered in the last election."

    I follow politics fairly closely, and I have to ask: On what grounds did you think this? Because the pop media notwithstanding, the last election was over pretty much the moment Romney got the nod. 

    Also, as the comic that accompanied my rant pointed out: So the bill passes and, what, the fed gov magically comes in and takes all our guns? 

    There are always options. That's what the 2A is about. 

  7. Not sure what to tell you, J.G., other than you & yours don't get as much press as the gun-grabbers do.  Still, liberal or not, I consider you "part of the tribe" and am thrilled to have you on my side. :)

  8. Once met a Jewish guy who, in most ways, was the antithesis of me; but he was, if anything, more of a 2nd Amendment absolutist than I.

    There really are all kinds.


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