Thursday, December 20, 2012

I was interviewed for The Verge

12/01/12 - Never Forget

Noah Davis, a journalist for online magazine The Verge, interviewed me a few weeks back talk to me about the end of City of Heroes.  Here is the article. You should go read it.

I am slightly  annoyed that he didn't include my wondrously geeky comparison that "It felt like an issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths," but I imagine that was too arcane for most folks. Ah well.

Appropriate, really, that we should be talking about the end of an online world, with the purported apocalypse scheduled for tomorrow.

Hmm, I feel like I'm forgetting something. What is it?

Oh, yes:

City of Heroes players are dealing with the loss in their own way, but they are united in one opinion. "I think about the only universal constant is that not only will they never, ever play a game put out by NCSoft, but they are evangelizing. They are spreading the gospel of 'Don't buy from these people. They will just cancel it," Palette says. The heroes, it seems, found one final mission.

I love how I'm quoted promising bitter, everlasting vengeance. That's just so me.

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