Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mom is at the ER

Things seem to be taking a turn for the worse.

We just called an ambulance to take mom to the ER. She's been in near-constant pain despite being on oxy and muscle relaxants ever since coming home. She couldn't even lie down in her own bed; she tried sleeping in her recliner last night but even that didn't work out.

I'm starting to worry that this might be a long-term problem with her. If this was just pain from the surgery, I would think the prescription painkillers would have an effect. Not sure she is having problems recovering, or if she got jostled coming home from the hospital (she said that she wasn't in this pain when she was still there), or if it's something else.

I'm quite worried about her.

UPDATE:  She back home. The doctor at the ER gave her an injection of super happy juice, and it's knocked her out. This is good because she didn't get much rest last night and sleep is the best painkiller out there.  My job right now is to make sure that the dogs don't disturb her, which is harder than it sounds because Heath, our neediest dog, is 80 lbs and wants to crawl into her lap to lick her face. In addition to waking her up, this could also injure her as he tends to be quite vigorous with his affection.

So far, I've had success with turning off the lights and enforcing a strict "Is naptime, be quiet!"  but this success may be due to the fact that dad is out running errands. When he comes back it might disturb the fragile peace.


  1. here's to hoping she heals up soon. :\

  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. During the surgery, they liberally coat your spinal cord in steroids to make sure it doesn't inflame and cause problems, so for the first few days, most people don't have a lot of pain, then they get home and the real pain begins.  Sorry to hear she's got it that bad though, if the pain meds aren't working, they should be able to give her better ones or something for "breakthrough" pain etc.    Here's a handy link in case you haven't seen it already for stuff that will help, and there is some good info in the forum, just remember that most people have a good result whereas the people who end up on the forum usually aren't that lucky.


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