Monday, February 4, 2013

I haven't done one of these in a while

In conclusion,  continue boycotting NCSoft.  We're making the bastards hurt, but we won't stop unless they release the IP or go bankrupt. 


  1. Oddly enough, I had a recruiter call me asking if I would be willing to work for NCsoft.  Turns out they were looking for someone a lot cheaper (and my rate isn't that high).

    Korean management is my guess.

  2. I will continue to stay home and watch "My Favoite Luddite" on the big fat tube TV.  :-)

    Thank you for putting up with my total lack of gaming knowledge. 

  3. It's extremely unfortunate that NCSoft has a "salt the earth" pattern with shutdown games. they did it to Auto Assault, they did it to Dungeon Runners, so on and so forth. Especially with the release of Guild Wars 2, I'm half surprised Guild Wars is still up and running.

    One of the problems with NCSoft releasing the IP is that if someone else buys it up and is *successful*, that means NCSoft could have made more money, but were apparently incompetent. Their shareholders would say, "They made money with your old product, why couldn't you make money with it?" (That said, CoH was still profitable at the time of its shutdown, it was simply their *least* profitable title.)

    Hell, Mercedes Lackey came forward and drafted the letter we sent to Disney to try and convince them to buy up CoH from NCSoft. If anybody could convince NCSoft to give up the IP, it would be The Mouse. And if we the players had any chance to get The Mouse to take action, getting a big-name bestselling author to write the letter was it.

    Now all the playerbase has left is the backup plan's backup plan's backup plan: building an MMO in the spirit of CoH from scratch without actually using any of the CoH IP. Support the Phoenix Project at


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