Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meet the newest member of the family

All right, enough crying. Now on to the good stuff!

Yesterday I picked up my Glock 26. He's a Gen 3 (which is fine by me, because the accessories are cheaper and I hear there are reliability problems with the g4 stuff) and by paying a little bit more he came with an extra magazine and a range bag. Since that "little more" is actually less than what a spare mag would cost, I went ahead and splurged.

The "carry" mag is loaded is 115 gr +P JHP by Magtech. The others have regular FMJ practice ammo. (Once I start carrying they'll all have JHP rounds in them.)

A nice close-up... well, about as nice as I can get with a regular digital camera.Fine Austrian craftsmanship in 9mm Luger.

So, since you folks were kind enough to help me buy him, it's only fair that you all get to suggest names for him. I'm rather partial to "Oleg," since it was Mr. Volk who helped advise me throughout this whole endeavor, and whose global reach was responsible for rather a lot of contributions.

But that's just my nomination. What do the rest of you suggest?


  1. Congrats! Can't help with the name though. 

  2. Congrats!! I think Oleg is a fine name and a nice tribute. I am partial to names with meaning.

  3. Congratulations! Now on to training. 

  4. AWESOME!!

    Of course it'll look a TON better with a LOT of holster wear on it!

    And the fun part is making it look like that!   ENJOY!

  5. Handsome "little" gun.
    I agree.  Oleg is a fine name.

  6. Money well spent.

    Erin, I didn't send you the money because you were a female but because you seemed like someone who was willing to take responsibility and find your own way through the world. That seems to be a vanishing quality in the world today.

    That said, anything extra you have, I'd look for a good holster and you can never have too much ammo (unless you're on fire or drowning).

  7. I was going to add to the problem, but I'm sure I can find another worthy use for a bit of spare cash.  If you happen to know a fellow geek in need of gun (am geek, have guns myself) I like the idea of a round-a-bout "guns for geeks".  

    As a recent concealed carrier (or whatever you want to call that) I say get ammo, lots.  Buy 1000 round tins, as many as you can.  Buy good targets to shoot at.  Lots.  Do not try to save money on belts, it does not actually save any (I destroyed two $25 dollar belts before just buying a good one...on sale and less than $50).  Same for holsters (I actually started making my own to cut down on the expense of learning what I wanted, fugly but did work).  

    In other words, use the money as intended and use it well.  Not the cheapest, or the most, or the least whatever, but do the best you can at the time you do it and you can't really go wrong (it is a learning experience).

  8. Nice! My niece would be jealous. She schooled me on firearms during a Hunter/FATE session I ran last week...

  9. Kickin'!  Good choice on the Gen 3.  Waiting for range pics...

  10. I'm getting a custom holster made my Mr. In Jennifer's Head. He and I are discussing the design possibilities. :)

  11. Thanks, Ed! I appreciate the sentiment, but I assure you, I am fine (in as much as not having a lifetime supply of ammo and an impregnable bunker is fine). 

    I know a few people who would like a carry gun but I don't know what their "need" status is. I have a girlfriend in South Bend, Indiana who would really like to learn to shoot and therefore needs quite basic instruction (she knows which end to point at the bad guys and that's about it) so if anyone from that part of the world is willing to train her, let me know and I'll tell her. 

    As for a worthy use for a bit of spare cash, I would recommend A Girl's latest training giveaway. Ammo for new shooters is always a good thing. 

    Thanks so much for the kind thoughts!

  12. Ditto on the ammo!!!!
    PS- not cuz you are a girl- cuz it is what we do!

  13. buy lots of ammo. Ahnold. good Austrian name.

  14. Friend.  That way, if you're asked, you can say, "I've got my Friend with me, so I'm not alone."

    I also suggest...a second one.  If you have to use your "Friend", it gets consigned to a ziploc evidence bag for...a while.  Depends on how fast the legal issues are resolved, but even in a "clean" shoot it resides downtown for a while.

    I'd also suggest, night sights.

  15. I have got to stop reading these.  I never had an impulse, ever, to name my guns.  Now I have a need to call my Sig P238 Friend.  Or something similar just so I'm not totally stealing it.  Maybe "My Little Friend".  

    In response to a previous, I prefer to give to individuals as directly as possible.  Just a thing, I like to help people, not organizations.  Not a logical thought process, just what I find personally satisfying.

  16. I don't have anything better than Oleg. As for what to spend any extra on, I'd suggest working on your wish list! :) 

    I'd like to think that I would have donated to anyone who's writing I liked.. But you have your own brand of cool that includes being a girl that likes guns. Just keep writing, that's all I need. Kudos!


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