Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Back during Squeak or Treat, I mentioned that JayG had offered a sweetener to entice folks to donate:
Jay Grazio of Ma-rooned has graciously offered to encourage donations by posing for pictures! For each $20 donated, Jay will put on his kilt and be photographed doing whatever you choose, so long as 1) It isn't illegal, and 2) Won't get him in trouble with his wife.
Well, because of lame excuses like getting a new job in a different state and house-hunting and moving his family and all his worldly belongings,  Jay has been negligent in his duties.

So I'm posting this as a sort of "call to arms" to everyone who donated. There simply aren't enough of these suggestions! If you donated $20 or more, you have the right to request a pose. I want there to be LOTS of these requests.

So far, these are the only requests I have written confirmation of:
  • Jay doing the doing the Jayne Cobb "Let's be bad guys" pose
  • A shot of Jay sans shirt, leaning over his bike and washing it, in the style of a 1940s pinup.
  • "Can Jay do something where he looks like he's facing off against ninja's or Darth Vader? And, if he can, ask if he minds it being used in part of a real estate ad. "
  • "imagining him in OB/GYN stirrups might make for a nice circular finish to this whole thing..."
  • "I want to see a picture of him contra dancing in a kilt. If he needs more information on where to find a dance in his area, he can go to or ."
  • "JayG either slicing something with his sword or or annihilating something with his favorite rifle. Bonus points for WW2 era."
If you donated but didn't request a pose, please do so now!

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