Monday, November 11, 2013


First of all, a huge Thank You to all veterans for their service and their sacrifice. Others have said it better -- having never served, I feel like I can't really add anything of consequence other than to nod at the eloquence of others and agree with them.  Still, I thank you for all you've done and all you've given and all you've lost, and I hope that my meager thanks are sufficient.

Second, a big Thank You to everyone who donated prizes to the Squeak or Treat raffle. I quite literally could NOT have done this without you:

  • Joie Brown
  • Ezra Hinson
  • Mark White
  • Evelyn Hively
  • Allison Babcock
  • Thirdpower
  • Prentice Osborne
  • The_Jack
  • Taryn K
  • Danica West
  • Echo Sling
  • Michael Z. Williamson
  • Larry Correia
  • Julia H. West
  • Brook West
  • Dan Willis
  • Alfred Trujillo
  • Jay "Da Tinman" Ater
  • Troy Hickman
  • Howard Tayler
  • Daniel G
  • Mike Pondsmith
  • Jim Wrench
Speaking of prizes, I have coordinated almost all of the winners with the donors. (Still waiting to get a confirmation from one donor.)  Prizes should be in the mail already, if not this week. If you haven't received your prize by Thanksgiving, let me know. I can nag like you wouldn't believe. 

And of course, an equally big Thank You to everyone who donated money for Squeak or Treat.  While I couldn't have done it without the prize donors, it wouldn't have been a success if no one had bought tickets. There were even some people who donated anonymously and refused all offers of tickets. This was especially kind because that increased the odds of winning for other people!

For everyone who donated this month, or back in August, THANK YOU SO MUCH.  Together, we met our goal and even exceeded it!  According to Squeaky, while she will not know for certain how much the cost of her procedure will be (apparently, medical bills slowly filter in over the course of months), she is 90% sure all her expenses have been covered. 

What this means for you is that I get to hang up my fundraising hat (for a while, at least), and you folks get to enjoy the holidays without me hustling you for more money. And that's a good thing, because I'm pooped. :)

And to conclude, here is a video recorded by the lovely Squeaky Wheel herself. I apologize for not posting it sooner -- apparently, I missed its Oct. 24 premiere -- but other than a wish for a Happy Halloween it's not dated.  So if you want to find out how S.W. is doing, or want to know what your donations helped do, now's your chance to ask her yourself!

Again, thank you all so much.  We now return this blog to its usual insanity.

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