Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What would I say?

There's this app (called What Would I Say?, cleverly enough) on Ze Facenbooken that scours your previous posts and assembles bits of them into amusing selections of word salad.  Since I haven't been feeling chatty or creative lately, let's try phoning in a blog post!

Sometimes I get the feeling that this is what a lot of my readers hear when I try to explain something:

It needs it up, but please do like removing that what might happen to make me started on the road and shouldn't try. Just take off the spread is that same earlier conversation, but on a pirate but a JPop/Heavy Metal from Team Fortress 2 Me God billboard during the Jewish high holy days, and give me to believe?

I found this hilarious for reasons I can't explain. 

That's a matter of heat/shrapnel. Even with all those things at which I'm not a feminist.

Tamara, Brigid, The_Jack -- this explains SO MUCH. 

Indiana, or In the Daleks manage to accomplish anything.

Yeah, they're called "My friends".

Hmm. Well, you've told I can walk into psychopathic cannibal murderrapists.

And all the ponyfolk said "Amen."

So yes, Luna is our Guardian.

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