Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ten Dolla Holla!

As promised (though a bit late), here are the winners of the $10 Squeak or Treat raffle!

Carl Eranio was this category's big winner, securing SIX of the big ticket items:  the IWB magazine holder, 200 rounds of .45 ACP, a signed copy of Monster Hunter International, the signed and numbered Schlock Mercenary book, the signed copy of Common Grounds, and the Celestia Mech!

Snooze Button Ronin, not content to sweep the $5 category, also made gains in this one, picking up signed copies of MHI, Hard Magic, and Mind Bridges.

Next we had several dual winners:   Laura Bradshaw won the decorative shield and the MHI challenge coin; Ted Nelson won the metal butterfly and the signed copy of Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads; and Jonathon Na won both issues of Project: Shadows.

Do Unto Others seemed to be the Michael Z. Williamson book of choice, as both winners -- Frank Earl and John Kochan -- picked that to be their prize.

MHI continued to be the favorite Larry Corriea book, being chosen by both Chris Bridges and Sean Hert.

Clifford Fargason won a signed copy of The Flux Engine.

And finally, proving that dreams DO come true, Brandon Kuhn won the Luna Mech with a single, last-minute entry.  Lucky bastard.  :P

Once again, a BIG thanks to everyone who donated their time, their talents, and their money toward making this fundraiser succeed. We met our goal and even went a bit over! Give yourselves a big pat on the back.


  1. Bravo I'm amused how Brandon snuck in.

    And I have to bow to Wenthe's luck

  2. Wait ... I didn't get the knitted Schlock? Noooooooo.

  3. Now see, I know you're teasing, but still this pains me to read because I tracked you down, emailed you, and practically begged you to enter the raffle. Why you declined is a mystery to me.

  4. I was just teasing. And it pains me that my teasing pains you.


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