Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Gunday: A quickie

Hey all. Taking a week or so off from posting has helped my stress level somewhat, but I'm still feeling a bit halfassed so I'm basically going to phone this one in.

First, a little something I picked up from ze Lederhosen de Facebooken:

(Except, you know,  strike out "AR-15" and replace with any name or model of firearm ever.)

Second, if this was a real thing I would totally buy and use it.  I wonder if it would come in 7.62x54R?

(If you don't understand the joke, go here.)

And finally, this was what happened when I went pistol shooting for the first time since May:

Ugh. When they say shooting is a perishable skill, they aren't kidding.  This was at 7.5 yards, and I shot about a hundred rounds. Blargh. This is terrible and upsetting and discouraging, especially when you compare it how I shot previously:

How the hell did I pick up a bad habit by not doing a thing?  That's witchcraft, that is.

1 comment:

  1. Gut shots and groin shots are still disabling shots. Don't beat yourself up too bad over it.


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