Thursday, December 5, 2013

Derp A Herp

This is a Christmas present for my mother that I commissioned from Joie Brown. There's actually a cute story behind it, which I will share with you. 

My mom occasionally watches ponies with me. She doesn't quite "get" the show, and certainly doesn't enjoy it the way I do, but she thinks the characters are cute and the music is catchy, and she is amazed by all the creativity and passion of the fans.

She chose Derpy Hooves to be her favorite pony because mom also has really bad (REALLY bad) eyesight, and has a tendency to be scatterbrained. Of course, I needed to explain to her what derping is, and how one herps a derp.

So one day, she picks up her Celtic harp to practice with it and announces in, no shit, an ERMAHGERD voice, "Erm gerrna play de herp."

Bemusedly, I replied with "You're gonna derp your herp?"

"Yerp!" she confirmed.

Thus, "Derp a Herp" was born. And mom is NOT gonna see this one coming!

Also, God bless Joie for having the patience of a saint. I was as nitpicky and demanding as a mother-in-law for this commission, and to her credit she's still friends with me. :D

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