Friday, December 6, 2013

Palette's Product Reviews, past and future

I have, in the past, been accused of doing "back porch reviews." This is usually said with a sneer, as if my observations are somehow invalid because I haven't hauled a particular piece of kit 8 miles into the woods before I used it.

To those people I say this.

Look, you're right, I haven't tested it in every environment and condition known to man. That's not my thing. I am your garden variety Useful Idiot: I know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to be considered professional (or perhaps even competent).  That's my entire schtick. I started out my reviewing career by having my severely nearsighted, arthritic, 70-something mom install and use a laser grip on a gun. The idea here is that if they work for me, they'll work for you, and if I break them they probably aren't very good anyway.

Besides, I manage to get free stuff just by asking, and the haters are probably jealous. So there!

Anyway, this entire post was inspired by the fact that a while back I recommended a flashlight for everyday carry without having beat the hell out of it. Well, as it turns out, Grumpy Bastard DID beat the hell out of it, and it only failed because he lost it. So not only was my recommendation spot-on, but so was my suggestion that inexpensive is good when it comes to EDC flashlights, because now he's only out $20 (well, $40, because he lost the second one too) rather than the $100+ he'd be out if he'd lost one of those really expensive tactical lights.

So that's a win for me.

Now for the future part:  Who has two thumbs, a Glock. and one of these?

Why, this gal, of course!  They just arrived in the mail today. I look forward to installing and shooting them.

You jelly?  Yeah, you jelly.


  1. I love triangular sights. If they made the Steyr sights commercially available, I'd buy them for other guns in a heartbeat.

  2. Everything is expensive! Why abuse it unless you've got money out the ass?


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