Friday, January 24, 2014

Potential new feature

I'm looking to start another regular feature on my blog called "SHTFriday," where I talk about general disaster preparedness, what to put into a bug-out bag and what to keep, etc -- basically, revisiting the whole "Zombie Kit" series I did back in '09 and '10.

The thing is, I don't know how often I can come up with good topics on the subject, as prepping is more of a hobby/thought exercise for me (mostly because I'm poor and can't afford "proper" preps).

So I'm asking the Internet Hivemind for a few things:

  1. Ideas. Is there something you'd like to see addressed or explored? Keep in mind that I'm basically a Useful Idiot -- if you want true preparedness stuff, you're better off cruising places like Survival Blog. I'm more of the "enthusiastic newbie geek" variety, and my main skill seems to be explaining things in terms that non-enthusiasts can understand.

  2. Products. Folks seem to like my reviews, so if I can get my hands on stuff for no or reduced cost, I can do more of them. If you have a product that needs reviewing, or know someone else who does, please refer me.
  3. Guest writers. Prepping is one of those areas where more heads are better than one, and a different perspective can often lead to solving someone's problem. If you are a fan of preparedness/ survival/ emergency medicine and would be interested in writing occasional guest pieces for me, that would be lovely.

The main drawback to #3 is that I'm breaking the cardinal rule of freelance writing and asking people to write for free. I regret that I can't pay guest writers anything (if it helps, I basically blog for free myself), but I do have some degree of internet clout and/or fame that I'd be willing to use on your behalf, either to score you swag for testing or to give you/ your business/ your website/ your charity/ whatever publicity I can.

Also, you'd be part of my network of friends, which -- as 2013's accomplishments have hopefully demonstrated -- is nothing to sneeze at.  (Yesterday, someone sent me an email saying he had "name-dropped" me. I was astounded by this and asked if he was being serious or just pulling my leg. He replied with "Everyone knows Erin!"  I still don't quite know how to process that...)

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