Thursday, January 16, 2014

High Quality Non-Content

     So, apologies for the lack of depth this week, but I've a friend in town and am quite busy. And am on
vacation, technically. Here's what I've been up to, mainly:

My friend and I visited The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, where we saw..

Chicago Pile-1, the world's first Nuclear Reactor, in Lego.

Vintage radio. My Fallout fanboyism is showing.
Sweet Noir Film Posters.

Then we climbed a mountain. Well, we drove up a mountain at least. On the way, we stopped in an area with lots of warning signs.

Please, do approach. Feed the bears. 

Whoops. Somebody fed the bears.
10,678 feet up. Give or take. That's the city, down below.

Proper content resumes next week. I have something that's been irking me that I need to expand my thoughts on.

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