Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Last year, I invited Salem McGourley to be a guest writer on this blog.  Based on the spirited discussions which have cropped up after his posts, I would say that this was an excellent decision on my part: He has proven popular with my readers, brings a nerdy perspective which I lack, and having a day free from "Oh crap, I have to post something" has enabled me to relax and be more creative.

Besides, as I've joked before, I'm trying to start a media empire, and to do that I need minions.

Therefore, it pleases me to introduce Lurking Rhythmically's newest co-blogger, Kaptain Von!

I find the gleam of madness in his eyes to be quite soothing. 
Before you distress, let me reassure you that this will not result in a lack of creativity here.  Herr Kaptain is going to be posting every Wednesday, which up until this point was a "phone it in" day where I just posted something witty for your alleged amusement. So really, you're trading up, and I will probably still find a way to inflict YouTube videos of questionable humor upon you.

So, a few things about Von:

  • Despite the name, he is actually British
  • He enjoys role-playing games, Doctor Who, and wargaming
  • He has a blog called Game Over
  • He may (or may not) be a shoggoth

    Von's column is called A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Game Store and the idea behind is essentially "Let's take some bit of Wikipedia trivia, a bit of odd news, perhaps a snippet of lyrics from a song barely heard during the day, throw them all into a pot and come up with an idea for an adventure." 

    Or, less prosaically, the "Stone Soup" approach to RPG seeds. 

    It should prove very interesting to see how well he gets along here. Consider that both he and Salem are Whovians, I expect a full-on nerd-off between the two of them when Peter Capaldi officially takes the reigns as the 12th Doctor later this year. 

    Ach, I've prattled too much. Meine Damen und Herren, I present to you...  Herr Kapitan Von and his Phantasmagorical Phables!


    1. It is a little know fact that when two geeks meet each other for the first time, a brief , ritualistic battle occurs to establish dominance.
      This will be fun. I already want to use his return o lloth idea in a Hunter campaign.

    2. 'Enjoys' Doctor Who is pushing it a bit. There's a range of verbs there. 'Endures', 'tolerates' and 'ambiguously adores' are in the mix.

    3. I adore the fact that you contest the Doctor Who bit, and leave the shoggoth accusation splendidly vague. :D

    4. That's hardly the sort of waveform one just collapses.


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