Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A thought on winter verbiage

My schedule is all screwed up now as we at Chateau Palette spent most of the day wrapping up plants to protect them from freezing temperatures (yes, Central Florida does freeze. We get about 1-2 hard freezes a year. They just don't last very long and don't result in snow) so now I'm behind on things. I wasn't even able to watch the recent episode of My Little Pony over the weekend! Oh, the horror.

Anyway, now that all the things are done and we're bundled against the cold - it's a sunny and bright 37* F right now - I figured I'd toss this off pre-lunch so that I could get the blogging ball rolling.

Have y'all noticed that the colder it gets, the shorter and pithier the comments become?

From warmest to coldest:
"You might want to take a coat."
"It's a bit chilly out there."
"Goddamn it's cold."
"Jesus Christ!"

I've concluded that wanting to bitch about the weather is just a human thing. We've come from outside, where it's miserable, to inside, where it's comfy, and we want to commiserate on how shitty it was outside and how glad we are to be inside.

You know how the Mythbusters (and other studies) have proven that you can endure pain/discomfort for longer if you swear? That's the point. Hence, "I shall make a declarative statement about the weather I've just left even though you know perfectly well what it's like outside."

In some deep and recessed part of our brain, we're still cave-dwellers afraid of the sky gods.

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