Friday, February 7, 2014

Hey, Erin, you forgot to write a post...

... huh?  What do you mean I didn't post today?  I clearly remember posting something this afternoon.

Crap!  I completely forgot that I have two blogs now!   Sheesh. Whose crazy idea was it to add a second one?

Oh.  Right. That would be me.

In that case, how about you folks heading over to Blue Collar Prepping and checking out my SHTFriday article where I continue my discussion about Zones of Assessment (Les Stroud is totally gonna sue me for using that without his permission)  and I dissect my Get Home Bag for your edification and pleasure, along with accompanying photographs and many fine hand-crafted HTML links.


  1. The get home bag is a great idea and you really covered it well over at Blue Collar Prepping. It's given me some ideas to update my kit. Thanks.

  2. I'm really pleased that this is helpful! It's why I started the blog, after all.

    Although I must admit to being QUITE surprised that no one has told me I have "too much crap" or that I'm "doing it wrong."

  3. I bought my 40DS from a sports store in my home town, but I think it was a rare occasion. No one else has seen one except mine. I like nearly everything about this gun, it's unusual and turns heads. The review is about what I would've said. I do think I should have shopped around, it is a pricey gun.


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